A New Digital Beginning

This is a brand new site geared toward helping parents and educators discover my book  “A Parent’s Guide To Raising Learning-Disabled Children”.

In a world of people trying to fit in and excel sometimes there are those kids, those people who don’t fit and never will. And as I look and reflect back on the mountains I’ve climbed I realize that fitting in is over-rated. Whatever your unique perspective is. It is exactly that, a unique perspective, that no one else in the world has.

It’s that perspective that makes the world beautiful. There are millions of ideas and places to see out there. When one person looks at the photo beneath they may see a beautiful sunset, another might see the ocean and all it’s glory. For a learning disabled child it might be even more profound. They may see a sea that they won’t ever be able to cross no matter how long they try to study. A learning disabled child may see a bottomless leviathan waiting to swallow them whole if they make any undue waves. The world and the water, as it were, can be a frightening place. We, as parents, grandparents, educators and advocates are here to help them swim the sea. We are the child’s life jacket giving them the strength to swim and learn and adapt.

This is the beginning of the swimming lessons.

When the box doesn’t fit, look outside of the box.